Mound Hacker’s journey


Mound Hacker by Nona Orbach

Mound Hacker- Ongoing Art Project, Starting Point, 2013

Tel-Nona, as a virtual mound – is a framework of thought where I excavate for artistic archetypes related to cultures around the Mediterranean and beyond. ‘Mound Hacker’, my current project, derives from this concept.

During 2013, I have started to intervene in the time lines of actual Tells [mounds] and archaeological sites. I travel around the Mediterranean for this purpose. When visiting a site, I leave there, a few ceramic shards engraved with a link to my Internet site, ‘Blog as Artwork’.

As my blog deals mainly with reviving the memory of the Ancient Library of Alexandria, by leaving such a key, I am connecting ancient cultures to our present day and possibly even the future. I attempt to observe and record, what happens to the ceramic keys. Hopefully, people will pick them up, access the link to ‘Blog as Artwork’ and perhaps share their thoughts.

Possibly, one of the ceramic keys will stay unnoticed until a bewildered archaeologist finds it in 500 years’ time. Will he be able to “read” my project of Reviving the Ancient Library of Alexandria?

Would it be considered art, archeology, philosophy, nonsense or something else?

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