Archive Classification: Tel Nona at Beth She’arim, 2014

My friend and I were asked to archive finds from the excavations at Beth She’arim, 2014. What an honor and responsibility! We learned that P stands for pottery. G  for glass, F for fresco, C for coin. X stands for special finds,  O for organic. I found a 400 years [?] olive seed that was rested in a personal sack.  The finds will eventually be examined at a laboratory. Until then, […]

Beth She’arim excavations, 2014 – Naming

Archaeologists have deep passion and stories about the site they are digging. Common knowledge collapses as the earth unfold its secret’s dormant for centuries. Glass bracelets from the Ottoman times buried next to Byzantine pottery shards found at the same leval of earth. Coincidence is the undercurrent notion of history remains that were left for […]

Open studio – concrete and virtual

I have been clearing my studio for a fresh process. I assume that empty spaces will soon be filled with unknown artwork. Many guests are expected this weekend to look at old and new work and perhaps choose something to take with them. Yesterday I printed a few QRs and placed them next to pictures […]

Salvage Archaeology 1

An anonymous visitor at my performance installation in the Israel Museume -timidly approaches my workbench. He apologizes that since he is a tourist, he has nothing to spare for the invented mound collection. However, he has a note and two business cards: “I already copied the information I need. Can you do something with it?” I decide […]

Tel Nona, Audience Version- The Finds

  Here are some the artwork that was created at the Israel Museum and in my studio, utilizing the objects you left. The titles I used for this project are names of real artifacts that are being displayed at the moment at the museum in the nearby halls. A few were named with titles from […]

Tel Nona, Audience Version-the day after

ביום שאחרי כל החפצים החומרים, הכלים והכרטיסיות נחתו בסטודיו כרטיס וחפץ בהתאמה עד כמה שהזיכרון מאפשר מתכוונת להעלות את כל העבודות שהוצגו במוזיאון וגם חדשות שיווצרו ממה שלא עלה תודה לכל מי שהיה ונתן מעצמו והשתתף המשך יבוא The day after, all tools, materials cards and objects are in the studio. Trying to match between […]

Be my guest: Mark Dion-artist Eylon Orbach-Coleopterist

BE MY GUEST is a venue for others to share their art; I assemble between creators in my sitting room. Linear time and  locality are not relevant. Mark Dion produces artwork that consistently mixes the boundaries between natural history, art, and science. In his as if a scientific order he makes another suggestion as how nature can […]

Lists as Backbone of early writing

“…… the very first phase of writing’s development, were lexical texts, word lists containing terms … names of metal objects, ceramic vessels, textiles, cities, trees, plants, cattle, swine, birds, fish, etc. Along with mathematical reckoning, these lexical lists were undoubtedly the backbone of early scribal education.” The Library of Alexandria, Roy Macleod, I.B. Tauris, 2004, […]