Kyoto Haiku, 2014

Walking in the shade of the eaves- I recieve a single haiku   Mitsu Suzuki The secrets of kyoto 2, 3, 4 , 5, 6,  7

Kyoto Haiku, 2014

Walking this path- I choose one patch of sunlight after another   Mitsu Suzuki The secrets of kyoto 2, 3, 4 , 5, 6,  7

Be my Guest: Dimitris Pikionis and Euclid

Clio points out the beauty of the pavements as we are walking towards the Acropolis. The sun sets into to the Mediterranean sea. I find it a bit irritating to step on art. This is how I learn about Dimitris Pikionis. I discover endless compositions and mirrors. As I am on my journey to Ithaca, I notice Euclid’s triangles mingled with […]


I climbed the small path to Raigoin Temple at Ohara mountains Kyoto. It was drizzling. As I walked through a small wooden gate towards the booth to pay, the priest slided the wooden window, picked a flute and played. When I was leaving his flute followed my footsteps. You can hear it here with the rain and birds, if the volume is fully open: […]

Seven Sticks at Matsuno Taisha Shrine, Kyoto – site specific art

It is Sunday, cherry blossom in Kyoto. I gathered seven branches on one of the stepping stones to a tiny shrine at Matsuno. Waterfall is streaming on my left. A ray of light falls on them. Seven sticks resemble the days of a week. Click here for Gallery      

Shrine stamp book – site specific art

My eyes were attracted to the stairs leading into the hills above Yoshida Shrine. I took my shrine stamp book and put it on a stair. The wind blew and  leafed  the pages: And another path ,  My heart is in the East

The secrets of Kyoto 3/7 – Nest

Kyoto nests in a grid of streets encompassed by green mountain slopes. In spite of the ancient grid , I got lost every day. It was hard to know if I am heading south or east – the horizon felt the same as at the middle of the sea; 360* of a round horizon of mountains […]

The Secrets of Kyoto 1/7 – Beauty

Shadow on the trail where am I going to? “In Japan, however, beauty is something that has to be worked for, earned; it is a reward for a long and sometimes painful search, it is the final attainment of insight, a jealously guarded possession; there is a great deal of vulgarity about beauty that is […]