Be my guest: Mound Hacker at the Loris Malaguzzi Center

The ongoing art project to the memory of the burnet Alexandrian library develops a twist in its narrative;   I began perceiving the educational activities and teachings in Studio Visits study group and at  The Good Enough Studio blog, as an art project.  In my mind, I am creating a shelf of knowledge about psychology, education, and humanism inside the ancient library.   […]

My bookshelf in the Ancient Library of Alexandria

  My grandfather told me the story of The Ancient Library of Alexandria. It has been present in my mind with a sense of loss since childhood. I imagined the burnet scrolls. What was in them? What have we lost? I imagine the toga-wearing scholars wondering about the gardens, conversing with each other, discussing Aristotle’s […]

Reggio Emilia and Ancient Alexandria Library

nona orabch at reggio emilia

For a few years I have been contemplating about our lost Ancient Library of Alexandria. Visiting Reggio Emilia at the Malaguzzi International Center, 2106 the concept of scholars gathering and sharing knowledge – Alexandria came to my mind from this perspective. Mound Hacker humbly left signs next to children’s artwork and at the lion’s base at […]

Fly me to the Moon

The distant mountains are reflected in the eye of the dragonfly Issa Ostracon, Leonardo.

Beth She’arim excavations, 2014

ARCHAEOLOGY LESSON FOR MOUND HACKER: MEASURING MARKING  DIGGING SCOOPING BROOMING PILING UNFOLDING FINDING INSPECTING Where did it begin? A pit   Beth She’arim excavations, 2014 Zinman Institute of Archaeology, University of Haifa Excavations manager: Dr. Adi Erlich Excavations staff: Rona Evyasaf, David Yeger, Dani Chechelnitsky, Ran Kaftory, Menachem Schnell. Beit She’arim National Park         […]

Mediterranean Scollars

I sail the Mediterranean through time and places, sometimes even on a small boat admiring the Phoenicians, but mostly in my mind. This blog  is my Museum – Library – Meeting place as perhaps was the Ancient Library of Alexandria. The Internet Arcade is a conjunction where personal archetypes resonate jointly with the collective ones. It […]

Mound Hacker at Philosopher’s Walk, Kyoto 2013

What is the connection between ancient Alexandria’s library and Kyoto? In 2011, just after to Tsunami, at Kyoto, I saw a note on a board: The library of Alexandria for sale. You can read more  here, how I almost met Henao-san and his health collection library. He told me his library collection had been categorized in the same system Ptolemy […]

Be my Guest: Dr. Helen Wickstead and the Rocdam Project

Dr. Helen  Wickstead  wrote to me a few months ago and surprised me by asking me to send her shards. She and a few more archeologists excavated Rockbourne Roman Villa and the Damerham prehistoric burial complex, both in South West Hampshire, UK.  As I learned, it is also a beautiful community project. As a Mound Hacker, I sent her […]

2013 ,תל נונה, גרסת הקהל, מוזיאון ישראל

בחודשים האחרונים אני עסוקה בהכנות ללילה אחד מיוחד במינו במוזיאון ישראל בירושלים 25.7.13 נקודת מגע בערב זה היוצרות מתהפכות ושאלות מהותיות על אמנות נשאלות באופן הומוריסטי ולעתים נוקב .אחכה לכם  באגף הארכאולוגי ואצור מיצג ומיצב תל נונה, גרסת הקהל – מיצג כבר כמה חודשים שאני מנסה לנחש מה ינחת על שולחני ואיך אמצא בחפץ פלסטיק […]