Boat shadows

As I wrote here about Shadows as common denominator, preparing to my trip to Ithaca I see boats every where, even on the ceiling.  

Be my guest: Hiroshi Sugimoto, Predag Matvejevic, Janine Antoni

“We need a port of departure: A shore or view, an event or a story. The place we are leaving is less important than the one we will arrive at.“ Breviare Mediterraneen, Predag Matvejevic Hiroshi Sugimoto/ Time Exposed: A presentation of some of Sugimoto’s photographs from the portfolio “Time Exposed.” The portfolio consists of 50 […]

Sailing to Lisbon with Pesoa and Saramago

I was twelve on our second voyage through the same Mediterranean ports on the Greek Queen Anna Maria. I went into a familiar cabin. It was soothing to follow the blue of sky and blue sea cut the circle of the window into two halves. They danced as I laid on my bed close to the ceiling. Once every two or […]

Be my Guest- Gabriel Orozco and Alex Epstein

BE MY GUEST is a venue for others to share their art; I assemble between creators in my sitting room. Linear time and locality are not relevant. httpv:// I learned about Gabriel Orozco mostly through the Internet. I read stories by Alex Epstein in Hebrew. I join them as my guests, since they both remind me of sailing […]

The Phoenicians

Since childhood, the Phoenicians filled my imagination. I admired their courage rowing in tilting wooden boats in starry nights- miraculously finding their way. They could read the stars as I did the alphabet. Later, I learned that the Hebrew sacred 22 letters- actually derive from Phoenician. When I was four years old, my father sat […]