Be my guest: Sappho and Orly Portal Dance Company

  BE MY GUEST is a venue for others to share their art; I assemble between creators in my sitting room. On the Internet linear time and  locality are not relevant. Therefore, Sappho and Orly Portal meet here in poetry and dance. I wish we had more of Sappho’s work with us today. So little is […]


I am back from Greece. With my love to the Mediterranean sea and cultures, my respect to the Phoenicians, memory of Ancient Alexandria Library – I was the second skipper on a small yacht. We read aloud sentences from the Odyssey, as if time did not pass. We were contemplating on all the Greek knowledge organized in Alexandria library- […]


As I stroll on Dimitry Pikionis’s walkways in Athens, I deeply identify with his love of stone, fresh compositions, texture, rhythm, patina and deep knowledge of history. I can choose so many frames – I can photograph here forever! Then I notice that many squares tend to break down at their edges. I write down […]

Be my Guest: Jako and Yehuda Poliker

  I love Greek music. I can not imagine Israeli atmosphere without it. Perhaps it is because I grew up next to a Greek- Turkish coffee place. Perhaps it is because of our family journeys to America with the crown ship of Greece, Queen Anna Maria. Early morning the Acropolis is lit by first sun rays, as it […]

Be my Guest: Dimitris Pikionis and Euclid

Clio points out the beauty of the pavements as we are walking towards the Acropolis. The sun sets into to the Mediterranean sea. I find it a bit irritating to step on art. This is how I learn about Dimitris Pikionis. I discover endless compositions and mirrors. As I am on my journey to Ithaca, I notice Euclid’s triangles mingled with […]

The secrets of Kyoto 5/7 – Euclid Diagram

I lost my center point in the heat, humidity and noise of cicadas. Sitting on a stone, I was gazing at the shades in the Zen garden. I was thinking about geometry trying to reach again for frames of familiar order. I recalled Euclid’s diagrams. Hence, I imposed Euclid with my camera on a Japanese […]