Be my Guest: Jako and Yehuda Poliker


I love Greek music. I can not imagine Israeli atmosphere without it. Perhaps it is because I grew up next to a Greek- Turkish coffee place. Perhaps it is because of our family journeys to America with the crown ship of Greece, Queen Anna Maria.

Early morning the Acropolis is lit by first sun rays, as it did for centuries. Today it is mixed with urban cluttered houses. As in Jerusalem, sacredness and practicality are intermingled.

I am listening to Yehuda Poliker’s – a new disk where his father Jako and his mother are the singers. I feel priviledged to be at THE Precise center point, closing a circle and bringing the music – home.

So my reader, turn on the video and look at the images I see from the balcony. Imagine  you are in awakening Athens, accompanied with the great artists- the Polikers!







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  1. הצילומים הליריים והמעודנים בהרמוניה מליאה עם הווידיאו החודר נשמה עם הווידיאו הנפלא

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