I am back from Greece.

With my love to the Mediterranean sea and cultures, my respect to the Phoenicians, memory of Ancient Alexandria Library – I was the second skipper on a small yacht.

We read aloud sentences from the Odyssey, as if time did not pass. We were contemplating on all the Greek knowledge organized in Alexandria library- that is gone.

We had a physical and an imaginary voyage  through Blog as artwork . To this artistic imaginary space , you the readers- sent a present to Penelope and Odysseus.

Thank you ALL!!

You can see some presents and comments here and here.

Brown envelopes were imprinted with Odysseus golden seal and post-marks, (Egyptian sign for water]. A drawing or an etching was added. They were sent from Ithaca’s post to the readers who participated.


Envelopes on the yacht’s table before they were deposited at the post office of Ithaca. The beautiful Odyssey translation to Hebrew is marked where perhaps the port of Vathi is mentioned and the ancient olive tree grew.

More here:

Arriving at Ithaka,

A letter from Penelope to my readers

Dinner with Penelope and Odysseus

Returning home

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