Loris Malaguzzi’s blueprint

The Spiritual Blueprint phenomenon reveals itself in the artistic process of any creator. It embraces the essence of any creator’s actions, visualizations, thoughts, and feelings that are conveyed physically in the making of art. My observation is that every human being holds within them a combined heritage of characteristics, likes and dislikes, that make them who they are. Actions imprinted upon matter may represent this richness. All of these qualities, when assembled and marked down on paper, clay, etc., leave visual signs that create a unique fingerprint. This essential imprint will develop and become enriched throughout our life if given a chance. I call this phenomenon of a creator’s unique fingerprint the Spiritual Blueprint.

In my perception, this is the most fundamental primordial core: the patterns of actions, choices, and sequences that are present as seeds from the time we begin to leave signs as toddlers, and which pinpoint us as a distinct human being and creator.

I perceive Malaguzzi’s childhood memories as his blueprint. This presentation is dedicated to him and all Reggio Emilia scholars with admiration and gratitude. In my mind, their texts are well situated in the Ancient Alexandrian Library on the education shelves.

Here is a short presentation about this

The Good Enough Studio  

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