The secrets of Kyoto 5/7 – Euclid Diagram

I lost my center point in the heat, humidity and noise of cicadas.

Sitting on a stone, I was gazing at the shades in the Zen garden.

I was thinking about geometry trying to reach again for frames of familiar order.

I recalled Euclid’s diagrams. Hence, I imposed Euclid with my camera on a Japanese garden path; I perceived how the ordered shades assemble with the ambiguity of the garden’s matter, raked grass, stones, moss – I was trying to merge Greek logic and Zen.


At the same time, I knew it is not truly ordered; it is no more than the memory of it!

It is merely the shadow of a thought!


Athens-Kyoto- Euclide- here

Dimitris Pikionis and Euclide, here.

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  1. Nona, I assume you created the fantasies in the sand that are photographed on the previous page. What a fascinating thing to do as part of your mind-blowing Alexandria library concept.

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