Ancient Alexandria Library – my story, part 3


I was choosing an organic parsley bunch in the supermarket, as my cellular rang: “Nona-san, this is Prof. Henao-san from Japan!

Are you still interested to help me sell my Alexandrian library? Are you still willing to try to contact universities and scientific institutions?


We started exchanging e-mails.

He said he does not trust the internet, so he faxed me the basic information about his book collection:

I could relate to his deep concern and sorrow of lost knowledge. He sounded a bit like a prophet. I was thinking about the term health and what it means to him. As my father is a scientist, I could imagine he, like many others, would grin at the list.

Nevertheless, I made a call to all scientific libraries in universities, science institutions and forwarded the three paper document.

All replies were of this kind:

“Alexandria? Really?! How wonderful, so interesting!”

All chief librarians, women, fell in the “trap” of the code word “Alexandria Library” – as I did in Kyoto.

Of course, they all know it burned long ago, but the story in our mind is alive; THE library is still living within us, and we surrender to its mysteries and remains.

The void, the bits and pieces, is, in fact, a huge space for imagination, for yearning.

The basic nature of options is that they are built upon bits of memories, void and longing.

This is a good component for stories and art.

So there are people in the world that Ancient Alexandria’s library makes a deep resonance within them – as you are the reader right now at this precise moment.


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