Borrowed scenery 借景

Borrowed scenery is an interesting Japanese concept of relating to a public space as yours to share and enjoy. If a person sees a green mountain or hill from his home, he is lucky, and will definitely relate to it as part of his space and tiny garden. As an example of borrowed scenery for artistic needs, […]

MU 無

Strolling the streets of Kyoto on a rainy November day I came to Kami-goryo shrine. No one was around except a for persist who fixed something in the water basin. And then I saw this MU….  

Offering – מנחה

  לכל הגשה יש נמען. מתקיימת תנועה ממני אל הזולת בהגשה יש כוונה. זו תנועה שמבקשת להעביר מסר.  תנועה ממני אליך ולכן, האופן בו מוגש דבר מה משפיעה על המקבל לעיתים זו  מנחה בסטודיו נוכחת כוונת  הגשה הסטודיו הוא עולם של דיבור בהגשות, במנחות סטודיו זו תורת ההנחה מנוחה לנפש מינחה לנפש   Every offering […]


Strolling in Kyoto – I took with me a few cards I had left from the moon-viewing event at Ohara. I photographed the image in my most loved gardens. For a short while I was one with the surrounding. I made a mark.  At Koto-in, a Japanese couple were curious enough to ask me what I was doing.  I gave them the […]


  It was raining heavily on a cold November morning in Kyoto. I took a chariot to The Zen Garden. I brought a Mediterranean moon with me.   Vessels, Memory and Oblivion , Mending Tools     

Jikkoin Temple 実光院 at Ohara, 2015

Shorei Yatsugake, Shin no kyorei or “True Spirit” (Shakuhachi Flute)

Jikkoin Temple 実光院  Ohara, 25.11,2015; musicians and dancers are getting ready in a tiny room. The guests enjoy the garden. First guests will soon be served matcha tea and a sweet. Iori Kolar and musicians are ready. Makiko Sakurai sings and plays Shirabyoshi.   Nona Orbach offering  nine moon pool for the guests to walk around. […]

Moon viewing 2015 – Kuroda Momoko

At this temple by the edge of the lake I wait for the moon   みづうみのほとりの寺に月を待つ   Kuroda Momoko Moon viewing 2015 – 月見