Beth She’arim excavations, 2014 – Naming

Archaeologists have deep passion and stories about the site they are digging. Common knowledge collapses as the earth unfold its secret’s dormant for centuries. Glass bracelets from the Ottoman times buried next to Byzantine pottery shards found at the same leval of earth. Coincidence is the undercurrent notion of history remains that were left for […]

Archaeology – fiction and reality

Here is a short clip briefly describing a site-specific performance installation at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2013. Tel Nona, Audience Version Would you like to  initiate such an event at your Museum? Text about the artwork by Dr. Rivka Bakalsh: Ready and Made   More finds

Mound Hacker tools

This post is dedicated to the working tools used by Mound Hacker. I have been asked: What is the connection between the Internet link I write upon ceramic shards and Ancient Alexandria Library? What is the meaning of what I do?   I am interested in the void the library left since childhood; I often think of […]

2013 ,תל נונה, גרסת הקהל, מוזיאון ישראל

בחודשים האחרונים אני עסוקה בהכנות ללילה אחד מיוחד במינו במוזיאון ישראל בירושלים 25.7.13 נקודת מגע בערב זה היוצרות מתהפכות ושאלות מהותיות על אמנות נשאלות באופן הומוריסטי ולעתים נוקב .אחכה לכם  באגף הארכאולוגי ואצור מיצג ומיצב תל נונה, גרסת הקהל – מיצג כבר כמה חודשים שאני מנסה לנחש מה ינחת על שולחני ואיך אמצא בחפץ פלסטיק […]

Memory and Oblivion

Once a week, I come to visit my father. We slowly walk on the balcony. We gaze  at the orange groves and the old 19th century Arab building deteriorating but still beautiful. Lately, I see tents. Archaeologists are excavating! Every week there are more tents. We look at them, and I say to him that […]

Join me on a Mediterranean site-specific project-Mound Hacker

Israel is a home for so many cultures. Anywhere you plant, dig – you might find remains of someone who lived here once upon a time. Tel-Nona, a virtual mound – is a frame of thought where I excavate for artistic archetypes related to cultures around the Mediterranean and beyond. As many mounds, my accidental finds and orders […]

Rain Rain Rain

Copying is a way of collecting knowledge, as was done in the Ancient Alexandrian Library. Copying is a way of meditation, as done in Japan. Copying is a way to affect reality, as perhaps in witchcraft. I wrote RAIN many times and once again- trying to make it go on and on. httpv:// More here: […]

A tribute to Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library

Today- 18/12/12 is a holiday for any scholar – the Dead Sea Scrolls are on line! The Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library httpv:// For me, it is almost personal. Blog as artwork is aiming to revive Ancient Alexandria Library metaphorically through artist’s books. I am working on an ongoing artistic project for almost a year-aiming […]