Japan is the land of suggestions

  Suggestion for painting and gluing Suggestion for relaxing your bare feet in a shrine Autumn suggested in your plate   Framing suggestion Shadow suggestion Suggestion of space ?t=4  Suggestion for ritual

After Dimitris Pikionis

Images of Dimitris Pikionis’s pavements around the Acropolis are still resonating within. My hands found a method to pave my way closer to the impressions: sellotaped drawings 12X21cm, pens and Japanese ink. Here are a few of about 60 collages. More about Dimitris Pikionis and Euclid  

Studio fragments

Fragments from the studio shelves, walls. They might be a part of something one day    

Be my guest: Mark Dion-artist Eylon Orbach-Coleopterist

BE MY GUEST is a venue for others to share their art; I assemble between creators in my sitting room. Linear time and  locality are not relevant. Mark Dion produces artwork that consistently mixes the boundaries between natural history, art, and science. In his as if a scientific order he makes another suggestion as how nature can […]

Incessant Mezuzah

Incessant Mezuzah [2006, excerpt], is a cyclical video artwork dealing with deficiency and absence, and unceasing persistence in bringing the past back to life. This artwork represents a personal interpretation of the sacred text and of its actual writing process.   Incessant Mezuzah video artwork is a part of the Jewish Museum New York collection, and […]

Shadow as common denominator

There are shadows everywhere. They present to me an essence of the Self of a tree, an animal, an object, me on the road. My silhouette and the bamboo in my garden are one ordered entity derived from the Sun. At times, it empowers being a part of the universe, other times bewildering and sometime […]