A dream

I dream I am at the of Ancient Alexandria Library. Scrolls are gathered on shelves all around. Many are spread on long wooden benches, circled by people wearing white togas. They are talking, debating, and Aristotle is one of them. It sounds a bit like Greek. I stroll to the gardens. Peacocks walking slowly between orange […]

What is this blog about?

  My first memory of collecting and organizing knowledge is from the age of six. In a new notebook, I wrote all I knew about my ancestors and the pyramids. Since it felt important, I buried it in the courtyard for people of the future to find and know what happened here. I probably still […]

Be my Guest: Dimitris Pikionis and Euclid

Clio points out the beauty of the pavements as we are walking towards the Acropolis. The sun sets into to the Mediterranean sea. I find it a bit irritating to step on art. This is how I learn about Dimitris Pikionis. I discover endless compositions and mirrors. As I am on my journey to Ithaca, I notice Euclid’s triangles mingled with […]

Euclid diagrams in Greece

As I strolled in Kyoto Zen gardens during the summer of 2011, I found Euclid everywhere helping me anchor. It was tremendously hot and humid even for me coming from the Mediterranean. There were almost no tourists, and I felt out standing. Unexpectedly, Japanese approached me and wanted to talk; They shared the nuclear disaster. […]

Alexandria remains

Images of Alexandria Library are on my mind. Playing in the sand tray – visions emerge: a scribe and scrolls. Euclid in Greece sits next to another scribe, connected through a golden triangle to an Egyptian on the south bank of the Mediterranean Sea.   Δ Under the library, in a cellar, with a flashlight […]

אוגוסט 2011: על אסון אקולוגי ביפן, מחאה חברתית, ספרית אלכסנדריה ואינטרנט

צל על השביל – לאן אני הולכת באוגוסט 2011, ברחוב רוטשילד בתל אביב, הפגינו בנותיי עם תינוקותיהם, ואני שוטטתי יחידה בגני הזן של קיוטו. לא היו תיירים, צווחות הציקדות נשמעו נואשות. והיפנים, היו מכוסים יותר מתמיד למרות חום ולחות בלתי נסבלת; שרוולים ארוכים, כובעים וצעיפים ועם כל מטח טייפון הם נעלמו תחת גג, עד הטיפה […]

Be my guest : Andy Goldworthy, Alan Watts and trees

BE MY GUEST is a venue for others to share their art; I assemble between creators in my sitting room. Linear time and  locality are not relevant. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jC-4bedyT_k Andy Galsworthy’s modest art was on my mind on my last trip to Kyoto; I was thinking of him while counting and lining up ten leaves, and when I […]

Counting to TEN – site specific art in Zen garden

Counting and listing organizes, relaxes, gives a sense of order to our life. At the same time, counting leaves in a zen garden is as a constant as a cherry petal that is dropping and leaving the tree at this precise moment. If you follow Euclid through tags, you will find more shadows. You might be […]

The secrets of Kyoto 7/7 – rain

  “Parallel straight lines are straight lines which, being in the same plane and being produced indefinitely in both directions, do not meet one another in either direction.” Euclid’s Elements, Definition 23 The wall near Murin-an has a drawing of parallel lines made by rain. Euclid was here too! I could see the lines melt […]