Alexandria remains

Images of Alexandria Library are on my mind. Playing in the sand tray – visions emerge: a scribe and scrolls. Euclid in Greece sits next to another scribe, connected through a golden triangle to an Egyptian on the south bank of the Mediterranean Sea.   Δ Under the library, in a cellar, with a flashlight […]

Be my Guest: Billy Collins and William Kentridge

BE MY GUEST is a venue for others to share their art; I assemble between creators in my virtual sitting room. Linear time and locality are not relevant. httpv:// Introduction to Poetry by:  Billy Collins I ask them to take a poem and hold it up to the light like a color slideor press an […]

Ancient Alexandria Library – my story, part 3

I was choosing an organic parsley bunch in the supermarket, as my cellular rang: “Nona-san, this is Prof. Henao-san from Japan! Are you still interested to help me sell my Alexandrian library? Are you still willing to try to contact universities and scientific institutions?   We started exchanging e-mails. He said he does not trust […]

Ancient Alexandria Library-my story, part 2

A note from Haruki Murakami It was my last week in Kyoto, August 2011. Sensei recommended me to visit Murin–an’s garden, she told me her older son who is an architect, was in charge of some renovations in the building. I took it as a personal gift. After strolling for a few hours, I decided […]

Ancient Alexandria Library-my story, part 1

One summer night at 2009, I woke up and sat straight up in bed as if I was struck by lightning. I had an idea that filled me with excitement and wonder. I took some papers and started scribbling: What if the Ancient Library of Alexandria did not burn down? Where would we be today? […]

Ithaca Ιθάκη

Ithaca By Kavafy read in Greek. [half] Ιθάκη Σα βγεις στον πηγαιμό για την Ιθάκη, να εύχεσαι νάναι μακρύς ο δρόμος, γεμάτος περιπέτειες, γεμάτος γνώσεις. Τους Λαιστρυγόνας και τους Κύκλωπας, τον θυμωμένο Ποσειδώνα μη φοβάσαι, τέτοια στον δρόμο σου ποτέ σου δεν θα βρείς, αν μέν’ η σκέψις σου υψηλή, αν εκλεκτή συγκίνησις το πνεύμα […]

Sun print 1

A few years ago my mother presented me a file of yellow documents she found. They were my grandfathers’ Issac Kipnis. We lived in a small village and shared a large yard with orange and pecan trees. As an architect he planned both houses in a Bauhaus style. His office had a separate entrance, and I […]