Alexandria remains

Images of Alexandria Library are on my mind.

Playing in the sand tray – visions emerge: a scribe and scrolls.

Euclid in Greece sits next to another scribe, connected through a golden triangle to an Egyptian on the south bank of the Mediterranean Sea.



Under the library, in a cellar, with a flashlight I notice a cave, containing remains of some kind.


Euclide diagrams –here

The story of Alexandria starts- here


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  1. Hi Nona
    I like your photos very much, and the focus on what you see in each area of the sand picture. It reminds me of something you said years ago about letting the patients photograph their own sandplays so that you can see what is important to them. The photos also remind me os a show I saw last year at MAD in NY (Museum of Art and Design) of artists who build miniature landscapes and city streets or room interiors in precise detail, and then photograph them very large as if they were real places. The results are very metaphysical and poetic and although they look real they are another reality.
    I enjoy the photos I took of the whole tray- an entire reality that I don’t have to understand, just appreciate.
    Have a great summer!

    1. Thank you Lenore!
      When working in the sand tray and alongside using the camera, other “eyes of the beholder,” or beholders work synchronously with me.
      It deepens the creative process and lets a parallel thread to unfold.
      From this point of view parallel lines do meet after all!!

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