Kyoto Haiku, 2014

Walking in the shade of the eaves- I recieve a single haiku   Mitsu Suzuki The secrets of kyoto 2, 3, 4 , 5, 6,  7

After Pikionis-Kyoto stroll

I miss Kyoto shades. I miss Dimitris Pikionis’s pavements in Athens. I try to trace their memories while strolling in the small grove near my home. I archive them on the same shelf of my inner Alexandria Library.    

Sun print 2

As I leafed in the pile of documents my mother handed me, I found more fragments of the past; I saw this curious photograph of Issac Kipnis, my grandfather, respectfully shaking hands with a person in a bathing outfit. It was weird for me to see him bowing deeply towards another person. I think he is smiling. […]