My bookshelf in the Ancient Library of Alexandria

  My grandfather told me the story of The Ancient Library of Alexandria. It has been present in my mind with a sense of loss since childhood. I imagined the burnet scrolls. What was in them? What have we lost? I imagine the toga-wearing scholars wondering about the gardens, conversing with each other, discussing Aristotle’s […]

Borrowed scenery 借景

Borrowed scenery is an interesting Japanese concept of relating to a public space as yours to share and enjoy. If a person sees a green mountain or hill from his home, he is lucky, and will definitely relate to it as part of his space and tiny garden. As an example of borrowed scenery for artistic needs, […]

A tribute to Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library

Today- 18/12/12 is a holiday for any scholar – the Dead Sea Scrolls are on line! The Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library httpv:// For me, it is almost personal. Blog as artwork is aiming to revive Ancient Alexandria Library metaphorically through artist’s books. I am working on an ongoing artistic project for almost a year-aiming […]

אוגוסט 2011: על אסון אקולוגי ביפן, מחאה חברתית, ספרית אלכסנדריה ואינטרנט

צל על השביל – לאן אני הולכת באוגוסט 2011, ברחוב רוטשילד בתל אביב, הפגינו בנותיי עם תינוקותיהם, ואני שוטטתי יחידה בגני הזן של קיוטו. לא היו תיירים, צווחות הציקדות נשמעו נואשות. והיפנים, היו מכוסים יותר מתמיד למרות חום ולחות בלתי נסבלת; שרוולים ארוכים, כובעים וצעיפים ועם כל מטח טייפון הם נעלמו תחת גג, עד הטיפה […]

Taming the Ox and Avraham Ofek

The year of the ox, 2010, was celebrated by a a weekend seminar with my calligraphy group near Caesarea beach. We learned the ancient Chinese story Taming the Ox. As we practiced the ancient sign, I surprisingly recalled the ox as part of the first Hebrew letter – Alef – א It is derived from the word Alef, meaning the first, […]

Lists as Backbone of early writing

“…… the very first phase of writing’s development, were lexical texts, word lists containing terms … names of metal objects, ceramic vessels, textiles, cities, trees, plants, cattle, swine, birds, fish, etc. Along with mathematical reckoning, these lexical lists were undoubtedly the backbone of early scribal education.” The Library of Alexandria, Roy Macleod, I.B. Tauris, 2004, […]

Be my Guest- Gabriel Orozco and Alex Epstein

BE MY GUEST is a venue for others to share their art; I assemble between creators in my sitting room. Linear time and locality are not relevant. httpv:// I learned about Gabriel Orozco mostly through the Internet. I read stories by Alex Epstein in Hebrew. I join them as my guests, since they both remind me of sailing […]

BE MY GUEST – Makiko Sakurai

BE MY GUEST is a venue for others to share their art; I assemble between creators in my sitting room.  Linear time and  locality are not relevant.   Makiko Sakurai, a musician, an Aikido teacher, Buddhist Shomyo chanter, took the night train to Sensei’s home at Yamma village where I was a guest for a few weeks. […]

The secrets of Kyoto 2/7 – Taxi

The first clue of Kyoto’s secrets was presented to me at the taxi from the Kansai Airport to Sensei’s home. The thin monk who sat next to me wore a beautiful simple brown cloak and had a big worn-out leather school-bag. He seemed amused to hear how a Mediterranean; Hebrew speaking artist, is interested in Japanese […]