Strolling in Kyoto – I took with me a few cards I had left from the moon-viewing event at Ohara. I photographed the image in my most loved gardens. For a short while I was one with the surrounding. I made a mark.  At Koto-in, a Japanese couple were curious enough to ask me what I was doing.  I gave them the […]


  It was raining heavily on a cold November morning in Kyoto. I took a chariot to The Zen Garden. I brought a Mediterranean moon with me.   Vessels, Memory and Oblivion , Mending Tools     

Jikkoin Temple 実光院 at Ohara, 2015

Shorei Yatsugake, Shin no kyorei or “True Spirit” (Shakuhachi Flute)

Jikkoin Temple 実光院  Ohara, 25.11,2015; musicians and dancers are getting ready in a tiny room. The guests enjoy the garden. First guests will soon be served matcha tea and a sweet. Iori Kolar and musicians are ready. Makiko Sakurai sings and plays Shirabyoshi.   Nona Orbach offering  nine moon pool for the guests to walk around. […]

Fly me to the Moon

The distant mountains are reflected in the eye of the dragonfly Issa Ostracon, Leonardo.

Moon viewing 2015 – Kuroda Momoko

At this temple by the edge of the lake I wait for the moon   みづうみのほとりの寺に月を待つ   Kuroda Momoko Moon viewing 2015 – 月見    

Moon viewing 2015 – 月見

It is a Japanese tradition to sit on a balcony and observe the moon reflected in a pool. I have the privilege to be a guest at an event at  Jikkoin Temple 実光院 at Ohara, Kyoto this coming October 2015.  All performances will be dedicated to one motif – The Moon.  I have been sitting in my studio’s balcony […]