Memory and Oblivion

Once a week, I come to visit my father. We slowly walk on the balcony. We gaze  at the orange groves and the old 19th century Arab building deteriorating but still beautiful. Lately, I see tents. Archaeologists are excavating! Every week there are more tents. We look at them, and I say to him that […]

Mound Hacker- Ostracon at the pond, Pompeii, Italy

My current site-specific art project is intervening in the time lines of actual Tells [mounds] and archaeological sites around the Mediterranean. I am visiting Pompeii. I offered the pond in Pompiie a ceramic shard. A group of Japanese tourists came closer. Will they will notice anything extraordinary? I stood and watched. . It seemed they did not […]

Where is home? [where do I begin 2]

At the end of a working day, my ancestors, dwellers of a one big courtyard, would gather under the huge mulberry tree to drink boiling tea from a Samovar.  In this rare picture they celebrate two weddings in Ness-Ziona, 1924. Beehives, their trade, are on the right, a bucket under the table was used to milk the cows Shoshana […]

Ancient Alexandria Library – my story, part 3

I was choosing an organic parsley bunch in the supermarket, as my cellular rang: “Nona-san, this is Prof. Henao-san from Japan! Are you still interested to help me sell my Alexandrian library? Are you still willing to try to contact universities and scientific institutions?   We started exchanging e-mails. He said he does not trust […]

Restoration in Hebrew comes from the root to heal

I went to Caesarea beach the other day with a friend. She took me to the dunes of sand north to the power plant. “Many years ago you could still see here the grid of Caesarea’s ancient streets. The city was huge at Roman times and since then it never was as monumental, this is […]