Open studio – concrete and virtual

I have been clearing my studio for a fresh process. I assume that empty spaces will soon be filled with unknown artwork. Many guests are expected this weekend to look at old and new work and perhaps choose something to take with them. Yesterday I printed a few QRs and placed them next to pictures […]

Rain Rain Rain

Copying is a way of collecting knowledge, as was done in the Ancient Alexandrian Library. Copying is a way of meditation, as done in Japan. Copying is a way to affect reality, as perhaps in witchcraft. I wrote RAIN many times and once again- trying to make it go on and on. More here: The […]

Studio fragments

Fragments from the studio shelves, walls. They might be a part of something one day    


Sun rise at 32* latitude; It is a morning view from my studio window. If I keep on walking East towards 35* – I will find Kyoto and paper prayers folded neatly in shrines.


  It was late at night when I arrived at Sensei’s home at the Yamma artist village deep in the mountains. Climbing up the hills, Kyoto tower looked tinier at every curve of the narrow road. I went to sleep immediately in the very damp air, summer 2011. When I woke up with the sound […]

Ptolemaic Alexandria

Prof. Henao-san mentioned in his mail “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan.  The book influenced his life and perhaps is responsible for his travels to Egypt to find health books originated in ancient knowledge. He also mentioned “Ptolemaic Alexandria” by Fraser. I borrowed the three volume books about Alexandria from a library on the shore of Lake […]