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  • Rain Rain Rain

    Copying is a way of collecting knowledge, as was done in the Ancient Alexandrian Library. Copying is a way of meditation, as done in Japan. Copying is a way to
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  • Studio fragments

    Fragments from the studio shelves, walls. They might be a part of something one day    

  • Prayers

    Sun rise at 32* latitude; It is a morning view from my studio window. If I keep on walking East towards 35* – I will find Kyoto and paper prayers
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  • Enso

      It was late at night when I arrived at Sensei’s home at the Yamma artist village deep in the mountains. Climbing up the hills, Kyoto tower looked tinier at
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  • Ptolemaic Alexandria

    Prof. Henao-san mentioned in his mail “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan.  The book influenced his life and perhaps is responsible for his travels to Egypt to find health books originated in
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