Open studio – concrete and virtual

I have been clearing my studio for a fresh process. I assume that empty spaces will soon be filled with unknown artwork. Many guests are expected this weekend to look at old and new work and perhaps choose something to take with them.

Yesterday I printed a few QRs and placed them next to pictures or objects. I have already done such a connection between a concrete art work and a QR leading somewhere virtual to enrich the idea. It was used at the Israel Museum this summer at  project Tel- Nona, Audience Version. The link takes you somewhere into my archive – Blog as Artwork, which is dealing a lot with the void left after the Great Alexandrian Library burned. Here again in my studio, I am merging between concrete drawings, objects and my virtual art.

I believe I am inviting you to stroll inside my studio, my head.IMG_0348



I taped a QR to the studio’s window. Kyoto is somewhere there..…  IMG_0343


Mound Hacker’s ostracons are waiting for you to choose one. 

Her travels around the world are marked by QRs – so you can enjoy them  virtually.

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