Ptolemaic Alexandria

Prof. Henao-san mentioned in his mail “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan.  The book influenced his life and perhaps is responsible for his travels to Egypt to find health books originated in ancient knowledge.
He also mentioned “Ptolemaic Alexandria” by Fraser.

I borrowed the three volume books about Alexandria from a library on the shore of Lake of Galilee.

I leaf through them and gaze at the view from my studio window; I see the valley and hill, cypress trees and some cows. Outlying in the horizon is the city of Nazareth.
I think to myself: I needed to travel all the way to Kyoto to find this book about my neighbors.










My story about Alexandria Library starts here.

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  1. Hi Nona
    Lovely website, visual and sensual pleasure to enter and browse
    Best wishes for everything good coming from the center here in Israel, and reaching
    between Kyoto, Egypt, Russia, America &&&&&&&&&

  2. לנונה הרצאתך הקצרה, אך המאלפת על חוויותיך מהמסע ליוון והאימפקט המרגש שחווית שם
    ריתקו את הקהל שנאסף לשמוע שירה ו…זכה להצצה מרגשת בעולם האמנות כפי שהיא משתקפת בעיני האמן
    אשמח להכנס מדי פעם לאתר ולעקוב אחר הפרוייקט המרתק
    שנה טובה

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