Ptolemaic Alexandria

Prof. Henao-san mentioned in his mail “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan.  The book influenced his life and perhaps is responsible for his travels to Egypt to find health books originated in ancient knowledge. He also mentioned “Ptolemaic Alexandria” by Fraser. I borrowed the three volume books about Alexandria from a library on the shore of Lake […]

Sun print 1

A few years ago my mother presented me a file of yellow documents she found. They were my grandfathers’ Issac Kipnis. We lived in a small village and shared a large yard with orange and pecan trees. As an architect he planned both houses in a Bauhaus style. His office had a separate entrance, and I […]

A pit

Pit of Memory and Oblivion Installation, 2001, still photograph

A pit of memory I could already write at the time. I had learned that Canaanite, Babylonians, Romans and Egyptians used to live here. I chose a new notebook and put down everything that I knew about my founders too, in beautiful handwriting. I even added drawings of pyramids. I wanted people in the future […]

The Phoenicians

Since childhood, the Phoenicians filled my imagination. I admired their courage rowing in tilting wooden boats in starry nights- miraculously finding their way. They could read the stars as I did the alphabet. Later, I learned that the Hebrew sacred 22 letters- actually derive from Phoenician. When I was four years old, my father sat […]