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I have been asked: What is the connection between the Internet link I write upon ceramic shards and Ancient Alexandria Library?

What is the meaning of what I do?


I am interested in the void the library left since childhood; I often think of how we are careless with treasures invented with so much effort. How horrible it is to see books being burned, as a concrete symbol of stupidity, and vicious side of our human existence. It is not the only library being demolished, and where books are burned people are being hurt too.

As an Israeli Jew living in the Middle East, at the heart of conflicts, as a person who is most interested and respectful to cultures rising and departing- this has deep meaning for me.

I miss Sapphos’ writings that I never read. I wish Nasa equipment will magically unfold the black scrolls found at Herculaneum, and Sapphos’ wrings will be revealed once again.

I also acknowledge that one can only do tiny actions in his close surroundings; Through Reviving Ancient Alexandria Library project– I am trying to draw respectful lines between cultures off all times.

Our life is short. History is longer.

I feel and work from within this perspective. So when I place a shard at Pompeii, or Tel Megiddo –  I acknowledge the Ancient library through a place that had some connection with it in the past. Standing at Tel Yokneam, I imagine the convoys of horses and camels coming from the south, from Egypt.

Cuneiforms were used in Athens. A name was inscribed upon a ceramic shard for election’s purposes. I write an Internet link on local shards that hold the memory of traditional vessel shapes for thousands of years. The link leads to Blog as artwork- dealing a lot with the ancient Alexandrian library. Therefore, each shard is a key to the lost library through my personal corridor.

Writing patiently an Internet link on a ceramic shard over 1000 times- is also a tiny meditative tribute to the ancient diligent scribes of The Library.

Summary: Through our mutual memories of history, imagination and the Internet – I relate to Ancient Alexandria library, bypassing liner time and places. Mound Hacker, is a part of this project. She leaves ceramic shard at archeological sites. It is an action in the concrete physical world- connecting memories, knowledge, time and places.

If you chose a shard at the Israel Museum on the 25/7/13 – and would like to make your own interpretation to our largest past library and knowledge – find a place for it, write your thoughts and photograph it and let me know.

If you don’t have a shard and want one, send me your address, and I will send it to you.

Mound Hacker around the world:

Mound hacker – the concept of this going art project, Mound hacker- Tel Yokneam, Mound hacker‏-Castel dell Ovo, Naples, Italy, Mound hacker – Herculaneum, Mound hacker- Villa of the Papyri, Herculaneum, Italy , Mound Hacker in Japan


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