Tel Nona, Audience Version- The Finds


Here are some the artwork that was created at the Israel Museum and in my studio, utilizing the objects you left.

The titles I used for this project are names of real artifacts that are being displayed at the moment at the museum in the nearby halls. A few were named with titles from the Internet world.

The project is dedicated to Ashdoda, the above sculpture, who I deeply love since I was a little girl visitng the Israel Musume.

It is also dedicated to Marcel Duchamp, who gave us a new window to creating, thinking and palying as artists.

Thank you for taking part.

All work will soon be online here:

מצורפות העבודות שנוצרו במוזיאון וחדשות שנוצרו בסטודיו

חלק מן השמות שנבחרו להם הנם מושגים מעולם האינטרנט

אני מערבת עבר, הווה ועתיד, חומר קונקרטי, ספרותי ואף בדיוני

תודה לכל מי שלקח חלק, שימחתם אותי מאד

Bracelet was given by Lilach Galkin.

File of papers were  given to me by an anonymous tourist, and the paper clip by Eran Arie, an archaeology curator at the Israel Museum.

More about this specific work here.

Mound Section.

Pedestal by Shoshi Breiner. Thermomater, feather, clay vessals.

With Rina Kimche, Eli Orgad, Ayelet Cannetti, Ron Kessler, Linda, Zohar Jolles.

See also this exhibition installation called  Mending Tools, 2009

Dorit Feldman created an artwork with Alexandria’s map, especially for this occasion.

With Hana Edlan and Joe Dwek.

With Ayala Bar and Rina Kinche.

Cloth lable given by Renana Raz.

Magnets turned into Icons.

Tube was given by Elad Kakobson, poen by Bari Sacharov, hand written by Orna Lutski, and flower from Tel Aviv by Amit Hadari

Colombarium.  I-ped “pulling” objects and gifts to my workbench from all over the world all through the event.

Two metal elements given by Noga Harel

An exhibition card by Orna Oren Israeli. Use the QR for more…

The participants of this work are: Naama Orbach, Orna Oren Israeli, Hila Etkin, Yaron Mazlich, Zohar Jolles, Yadin Roman, Idit Chen, Lynda Court, Itzhak segal, Jane Fantel.

Use the QR for more, or use the link:

The participants of this work are: Joan braun,  Zohar Jolles, Hana Edlan.


Tel Nona, Audience Version-the day after

Archaeology – fiction and reality

Salvage Archaeology 1

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  1. הי נונה
    העבודות חזקות ומקסימות ונותנות השראה.
    הקופסה שלי בתור סטנד-פיצוץ.
    האם ידעת שיש בעבודה”כלי תיקון” מזקר לסכרת? אכן זה כלי תיקון!

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