Be my guest: Dr. Helen Wickstead, Archaeologist

Finally- reality meets fantasy!

After over ten posts about my Mound Hacking project, and sending links around the world, I got a wonderful surprising e-mail. Dr Helen Wickstead is a REAL Archaeologist, working in the UK. This is what she wrote:

I am very interested in your project and wonder if you might be interested in extending your project to include a site I am excavating in the UK? I am currently excavating a complex of prehistoric sites considerably earlier than the Library of Alexandria, some of which are contemporary with Stonehenge (only 12 miles away). This year we will be excavating part of two large circular enclosures – ceremonial ‘henge’ type structures which contain the traces of large circular pits which probably once contained timbers for uprights, like those at Stonehenge.”

I am so excited, my heart beats so fast!

Moreover, I am about to learn something new:

“When an archaeologist has excavated a trench it is common practice to leave something behind so that future excavators know that the trench is a recent intrusion into the site deposits, this is normally one of the excavators trowels, or a coin (which obviously has the year on it). I wonder if you would be prepared to give me one of your sherds to bury in my filled in excavated trenches after this year’s excavations?

After we have finished the excavation we could leave behind one of your sherds and document this process before burying it. You could do this yourself, if you are able to visit us in Britain.

What do you think?”

You can learn more about Dr. Helen Wickstead’s Damerham Archaeological Project at and how it is related to artistic interventions – very interesting and open minded.

I might be travelling there with a ceramic key to Ancient Alexandria Library.

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  1. “[…]
    I wonder if I shall fall right
    How funny it’ll seem to come out
    Among the people that walk with
    Their heads down wards!
    The antipathies, I think-‘
    Down, down, down.
    [ …]”

    Very nice [:)]

  2. It started to bear fruit, your project! You start linking to places around the globe. It is exiting and teaches us that being consistant in your beliefs is a necessity. I was thinking of the ceremonial cercles Dr. Wickstead mentioned as Enso.

  3. here we go Nona! interacting past and present with the future to come…

  4. “I am about to learn something new” — we learn hereby that as we (being in the present) want to catch a link with the past-gone-for-good, we (even REAL archaeologists) also aspire to be there in the future,
    so archaeologists would discover that we too existed once…

  5. Isn’t it wonderful how unexpected collaborations are formed. Very interesting!

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