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Israel is a home for so many cultures. Anywhere you plant, dig – you might find remains of someone who lived here once upon a time. Tel-Nona, a virtual mound – is a frame of thought where I excavate for artistic archetypes related to cultures around the Mediterranean and beyond. As many mounds, my accidental finds and orders are mixed.

Now – I intend to travel and visit to other mounds and “mix-up” their history as well!

A few weeks ago, I created a key to my Internet project – Reviving Ancient Alexandria Library: I chose ceramic pot fractions created by my Arab neighbours. They master local ancient traditions – which suits me well. I wrote the Internet link to this Blog as artwork with a dark waterproof pen on the fragments. The combination of hand written black letters on ceramic vase chips – brings to mind  archaeological systematic research. I don’t think a web address has  ever been written on a clay fragments as an artistic key to a metaphoric archive dealing with the vanished archive of Alexandria.

The first artwork- keys were granted to people who attended a lecture I gave on this subject.

On my coming trip to Italy, I intend to leave a few keys in archaeological sites. Possibly, a few would be found, and I will get an e-mail response, maybe others will fade out and murge into the soil.

Perhaps one will stay whole for a bewildered archaeologist to find 500 years henceforth?

Would he be able to “read” my project of Reviving Ancient Library of Alexandria on an archaeological computer?

Would he smile at this “archaeological mixture” I planted for him?

Would it be considered art? archeology? Philosophy? Nonsense? something else?

The process of these site -specific- interventions will be documented and published on this blog.

You are welcome to participate by following, by sharing on Facebook, or by finding the ceramic key yourself!

If you find one- you might want to place and photograph it in a location you choose for it and share with us.

 Mound Hacker’s map around the world



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  1. Nona,
    I enjoyed your site and paintings. Love my own personal collection of envelopes. Maybe I should make them into paper.
    In the 60’s I used school exercise books and old autograph books, found at a paper mill pulping site, to make collages. Their covers and ink had bled beautifully to begin their transformation. Then, I also excavated a mediaeval potter’s house and found and collected boxes of shards, some to later reconstruct into vessels.
    Now on my daily walks, I find shards from many ages in the streams around my home. Good luck, Rod

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