Variations on boat carrying cypress tree

More about Cypress trees here

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  1. Nonale,

    Sometimes it is hard for me to tell which is your strongest suit- I guess you have many two of which you have superbly combined on display with these gentle drawings/ calligraphy.
    An excellent choice to attempt this with a theme so close to your heart and embedded in you soul, culture and bones (yours and our ancestors as well).
    Lovely- no maybe beautiful- not really enough so let’s go with just every possible superlative for these new drawings. I love them and I love the fact that you are full circle for a while back with your first love, ink and paper.
    I know you’ll keep moving in the circle and produce quality beauty with whichever medium of the moment you’ll chose to express you vast oceanic affection to you/our mid eastern heritage and its/our ancient mysterious ties to other eastern cultures going back to the beginnings.
    Keep surprising us my dear,
    Love, Yoram

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