Reggio Emilia and Ancient Alexandria Library

nona orabch at reggio emilia

For a few years I have been contemplating about our lost Ancient Library of Alexandria.

Visiting Reggio Emilia at the Malaguzzi International Center, 2106 the concept of scholars gathering and sharing knowledge – Alexandria came to my mind from this perspective.

Mound Hacker humbly left signs next to children’s artwork and at the lion’s base at the city piazza where other children, long ago, had created an artistic offering project to the stone lion.

Reggio Emilia is a small town and also an idea that has been evolving since the end of second world war. 

It is a sign of good hearted people who have been following their dream for a better community, democratic life and humanistic education.


There are many  contribute to this success: the cooks, the cleaners, the parents and citizens, teachers and atalieristas [art teachers].

In my mind it is a tiny Alexandrian essence of deep knowledge and love. 

As an art therapist and educator that mentors others , I deeply relate to this approach and study it.


library of documentation3

Observation notes by teachers shared for others to learn from.

REGGIO EMILIA LION mound hacker reggio emilia, mound hacker, ostracon

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My bookshelf in the Ancient Library of Alexandria

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