Mound Hacker-Naples National Archaeological Museum, Italy

My current site-specific art project is intervening in the time lines of actual Tells [mounds] and archaeological sites around the Mediterranean. I am visiting the Naples National Archaeological Museum– you are welcome to the tour.

When the guard at the National Archaeological Museum leaves the room- I quickly photograph a ceramic key to Alexandria’s library next to the dice I fancy.

There is not much light, and I wish I could really touch them.

At night, I read John Williams book- Augustus, just translated to Hebrew. I read the pages describing how Augustus enthusiastically throws dice aiming to make practical decisions!

If he managed an Empire, perhaps the dice, I am throwing in this Blog as artwork, aiming towards a Biennale concerning ancient Alexandria’s library – will realize after all!

I fall asleep. In my dream, I am six years-old  throwing my five square stones on the cool floor at my parent’s home.

More here:

Mound hacker – the concept of this going art project,

Mound hacker- Tel Yokneam,

Mound hacker‏-Castel dell Ovo, Naples, Italy

Mound hacker-Naples National Archaeological Museum, Italy

Mound hacker- herculaneum, Italy

Mound hacker- Villa of the Papyri, Herculaneum, Italy


4 Responses

  1. נונה הבלשית האינטר-ארכיאולוגית!
    איזה כיפ לקרא על הרפתקאותייך…
    מחכה לפרקים הבאים!
    חג שמייח, מיצי

  2. הפוסט הזה הוא אחד היפים.
    את מצליחה לחדד את גוון הקול המדויק, המשחק, שמשתעשע בין פנטזיה למציאות, בין חלום בלילה לחלומות גדולים בשעות ערות. מחכה לראות עוד ועוד פיסות מהחלום מתגשמות
    ואגב אפשר איתך סיבוב חמש אבנים?

  3. “larvatus prodeo!”
    “[…] in the novel [the writing] task is to put the mask in place and at the same time to point it out.”
    (Roland Barthes)

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