Be my guest: Naomi Zur sends presents to Penelope and Odysseus

BE MY GUEST is a venue for others to share their art. Linear time and locality are not relevant.

Naomi Zur is a colleague artists of mine. She encourages me along my path as I work on my Blog as artwork, and on my dream to revive Anciant Alexandria Library.

She is also very playful and fully understand this virtual space I am trying to create.  She shares my concept that the Internet arcade time and place are not linear. On the contrary, it is where story, memory and life mix and influence each other.

Her photographs here are her gift to Odysseus and Penelope as I shall meet them soon in Ithaca. You can read about this voyage art project here.

Naomi Zur’s photographs were taken at  Haifa beach.

I love her ability to see Nature from a deep religious point of view, and at the same time in an intimate manner.

Although I am familiar with the views, time after time I am surprised to see her fresh point of view.


Naomi Zur web site:



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  1. Nona,
    Thanks for introducing us to Naomi’s work- spectacular! Wow! You know me well and are aware of my conflicts with Photography (purposely in capital letter). I went to Naomi’s website and I can wholeheartedly say s that her work transcends my ” quarreler with the medium.
    There are very few photographer the do (for me) and I am always delighted o find those rare ones who have their hearts where others have their brains at best and at worst their cash registers.
    Naomi and Nona- thanks for the wonderful intro & experience- maybe we’ll all meet online one of these days at
    – that will be really nice.

  2. Hello Nona–
    I believe I am your third cousin– I am the great granddaughter of Ruben and Feige Lehrer. My grandmother was the daughter who married and came to America with her husband. She never again communicated with her parents, not did she ever tell us what seh had come from . She did tell us that her father had orange groves

    We were able to discover this mystery through my daughter- in -law, Laurie Winestock , who recognized the name of Ness Ziona on my grand parent’s katubbah.

    I went to Ness Ziona two years ago- and walked where my grandmother had walked . I visited the museum and saw the amazing likeness of my grandmother and her sister.

    I hope to get in touch with other cousins. My sister and I live in California

    Best wishes

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