Be my guest: Kyoko Ibe

Kyoko Ibe is a master of paper. She exhibited all over the world.

It is the first time she visits Israel and will have an exhibition at Inga Gallery.

These pictures were taken at her studio In the mountains of Kyoto, 2011.

She generously demonstrated her technique to a group led by Tirza Paitan, her assistant for many years.

She uses Gampi recycled paper she collects all over Japan, since this kind of paper is hardly made anymore.


Choosing a page from the old family book prayer  to insert into the work

First  pulp layer

Dark black pulp added and water


Pressing, drying



Ibe-san is One with her work. As all Japanese masters this labor of love flowes from deep respect towards natural materials, for the weather, water, and physical actions learned through generations of hard dedicated work.


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  1. I am so happy to see the work of Ibe-San, papermaking is a very exciting art. I used to make my own paper, and even have in my freezer in London, Ontario, Canada paper that I created from an old linen table cloth, which I was going to use for a series of prints when I was still a printmaker, before I had to give it up for health reasons.
    I still have some beautiful Japanese hand made paper in my little studio room in Israel. Now I am an art therapist and supervisor, and still hope one day to get back to maybe woodcuts and use the paper. Love your art, Nona and your spirit.

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