Artist and Fish









More about the connection between artists and fish:

Avraham Ofek: “Artist are the off-springs of fisherman…”



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  1. Nona,

    Pure beauty and much more my dear!!! I want it!!!!!

    Huge, monumental and so humble and gentle, quietly and tenderly penetrating every soul barricade I have ever erected.

    This is where I will agree that photography is art- you have done it my dear and with this piece beaten every possible argument I could ever think of against the notion or whether a blog is art- You got it nailed baby!!!

    I wonder if you are aware what happened here (at least for me)-. This image though a photograph embodies and encapsulates everything you have ever done (known to me) in a snap. I had hard time to decipher what it was looking at different parts it almost looked like one of the works on wood, paper or canvas, it is our trip to Japan, it is you, it is meditation and therapy, it is water in a sand box it is sky and see, a zen garden and environmental commentary. It everything you mean to me and everything you are to the world around you.- to your children and grandchildren. This is where a picture is worth thousands of words and most likely your students and patients will support the notion as well.

    I thank you for this gentle massage on my screen first thing in the morning- it is going to be a good day- wow!

    Love, Yo

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