Avraham Ofek: “Artist are the off-springs of fisherman…”


The pursuit of sailing activates longing and yearning.

It is linked in my mind to some kind of OVER THERE in the horizon; The hope that there will be some  answer,  the wish to fill a desire or thirst.

The experience of longing is attached to my childhood memory of the slow process of approaching to a port. While observing it through the mist and the vast blue space, the soul is getting closer to the unknown.

This yearning through imagination is beautifully written and drawn in  The Notebook of Signs.
Artist Avraham Ofek wrote there that artists’ imagination ability evolved from their ancestors; Their ancestors – the fishermen, were observing deep water. As they perceived school of shapes, ripples, and waves – they could visualize what fish is waiting for them deep under.

This is how “Artist are the off-springs of fisherman” – as he wrote.

OFEK in Hebrew means horizon; his art influenced me deeply and I miss him even though I never met him.

These  laboratory cards are from Abraham Patchornik’s archive. [my father]. I palimpsest  them with hieroglyphs from Abraham Ofek art. They are a part of an installation called  “Mending Tools” – that was exhibited at the Agasi Library in the Museume of art, Ein Harod.

Essay: The Mound and the Pit by Gideon Ofrat

3 Responses

  1. Hi Nona,
    the inscripted little boat with its square shadow is a mystery in bright daylight .
    Very wonderful.
    And to see the collages on your father’s laboratory cards again, reminds me of our first meeting in the Library of Ein Harod Museum.
    So, a library has been our destined meeting-place from the very start!!!!
    Are you back from Japan, by now???
    warm greetings from green Cologne

  2. The Idea, dear Nona, that the birth of art stems from the primal fishermen, as Avraham Ofek purposes, is by itself interesting but I was esspecially touched by your reflections on sailing symbolizing yearning!
    It is a way of feeling/thinking (what’s behind a phenomenon), which so much deepens significance of the seemingly ordinary and thereby intensifies our experiences — enriches our life.

  3. Your portrait of the self is a triple self portrait. I see your reflection in your shoe and at the pool’s edge and then, of course, there is your shadow. There are people I have never met that I miss, too.
    Hope our galerie launches soon.

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