Lists as Backbone of early writing

“…… the very first phase of writing’s development, were lexical texts, word lists containing terms … names of metal objects, ceramic vessels, textiles, cities, trees, plants, cattle, swine, birds, fish, etc. Along with mathematical reckoning, these lexical lists were undoubtedly the backbone of early scribal education.” The Library of Alexandria, Roy Macleod, I.B. Tauris, 2004, […]

Enso – Mandala

Enso and  Mandala are closely related in my mind. These are some visual examples how I grasp the two terms; I see them as a blue print of our consciousness. They  overlap, enrich, contradict and merge through  cultures. The pictures are from Kyoto and Istanbul.   Ink bowl at a Kitano Shrine, August 2011   Ψ Enso -Mandala […]

Seven Sticks at Matsuno Taisha Shrine, Kyoto – site specific art

It is Sunday, cherry blossom in Kyoto. I gathered seven branches on one of the stepping stones to a tiny shrine at Matsuno. Waterfall is streaming on my left. A ray of light falls on them. Seven sticks resemble the days of a week. Click here for Gallery      

Artist book – My heart is in the East

ליבי במזרח ואנוכי בסוף מערב My heart is in the east, and I in the uttermost west.   Yehuda Halevy [1075-1141] wrote these lines in Spain about his longing to Jerusalem. My longing to Japan is round around planet earth, from 32’ to 35’ where Kyoto is. Pilgrims gather stamps from temples they arrive at- […]