Restoration in Hebrew comes from the root to heal

I went to Caesarea beach the other day with a friend. She took me to the dunes of sand north to the power plant. “Many years ago you could still see here the grid of Caesarea’s ancient streets. The city was huge at Roman times and since then it never was as monumental, this is […]

Sun print 1

A few years ago my mother presented me a file of yellow documents she found. They were my grandfathers’ Issac Kipnis. We lived in a small village and shared a large yard with orange and pecan trees. As an architect he planned both houses in a Bauhaus style. His office had a separate entrance, and I […]

The Phoenicians

Since childhood, the Phoenicians filled my imagination. I admired their courage rowing in tilting wooden boats in starry nights- miraculously finding their way. They could read the stars as I did the alphabet. Later, I learned that the Hebrew sacred 22 letters- actually derive from Phoenician. When I was four years old, my father sat […]