Venice Biennale 2013

The primary rounded hall of the Giardini Building nests the Red Book by Carl Gustav Jung. The book is displayed in a glass case dimly lit. Circling it are excellent copies of the colorful paintings. The ceiling is painted Frescoes.  I feel grace, eternity, and awe at the very intimate on going creation by Jung. 

I sense him as a person and as a Shaman archetype within a Mandala.


The location hints that his intimate art and writing Jung created almost as a secret – is a key to the exhibition.

A second key is situated at the Arsenale’s first hall; a model created by Marino Auriti. This imaginary museum was planned to hold within all human knowledge, art and inventions.


The Red Book is an inner introverted Jung’s personal work using his knowledge of cultures and his soul. The Encyclopedic Palace is a model that meant to contain all the knowledge of the world. The first is an introvert feminine act, the second a masculine erected tower; These counterparts hold within a wonderful human, interesting varied and modest Biennale! Most of the artwork is genuine and sincere. It relates to the human condition, fragility and our short time.

As Massimiliano Gioni, the curator says: “Blurring the line between professional artists and amateurs, outsiders and insiders, the exhibition takes an anthropological approach to the study of images…”

I can’t remember when both my artist and my therapist within- shared such mutual curiosity and happiness at the same time while experiencing art.



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