I was studying Talmud for several years. Participants were meeting once a week around a big table, in a kitchen or in my studio. We studied Brachot for almost four years, sentence after sentence. As I looked at any open spread, I understood I am invited to express my understandings and add to the pot. I did not dare write in the book- so  I wrote comments, associations, plans for artwork-  on a transparent papers that was attached to each spread.

One of the mornings when I was expecting the group, I took out some transparent pages from Brachot and arranged them on a table on sand. I added a compass, a dice on the number 6, a Mezuzah tiny scroll. I called this installation “Shulchan Aruch”

Main participants: Yoram Verete [teacher, poet and editor], Zohar Julles, Ruth Ben-David, Mimi, Tirza Valentine, Dan Dolev, Yael Rainstain,