This blog is my Museum – Library – Meeting place as perhaps was the Ancient Alexandria Library.
It is a combination of different compartments of activities and knowledge, trying to find the core, the blue print of our spiritual existence.
Metaphorically, I excavate an imaginary archeological mound, named Tel- Nona, where I mentally and spiritually dig for finds; I am the mound being dug. I am the digger, and the finds.

This virtual internet Arcade is a conjunction where personal archetypes resonate jointly with the collective ones.

It is where linear time is almost meaningless. Accordingly, fiction and reality connect and influence each other.

The process of work:

The Internet serves me as a platform and an art-media that manifests how I perceive place, time, and ideas, stories, and how they merge.

I try to coordinate and ensemble all elements, images, sound, words – others and mine – to resonate, enrich, and reflect upon the different parts of this artwork.

Therefore, if you wish to fully accompany me, you might want to open all links to a post. The journey through them and through Tags, will give you a fuller experience how it all adds up.

You might also have thoughts of your own, please share.

The Proposal for a Biennale concerning Ancient Alexandria Library