Tel Nona, Audience Version, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

I have been working intensively preparing for a one-night performance installation at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

Contact Point , is a marvelous exiting witty event that asks questions about art.

I was invited to creat at the archeology wing.

For me, it means creating in my shrine, where my inner roots of art thrived, I visit these museum archaeology wing since I was a child at least twice a year.

My performance installation is dedicated to Marcel Ducahmp and Ashdoda, a tiny clay idol, I fell in love with when I was a child.

Tel Nona, Audience Version

With objects the audience will bring, I will try to create on a large workbench as an if archeological collection.

For a few months, I have been trying to think of different object people carry their bags.

Here are some samples sketches, from my studio.

The name of the object is copied from a real artifact of this specific museum’s collection and given to my work.

On the night of this occasion, 25/7/13, if you are on my Facebook, you will have instructions as to how to send a virtual image through Instegram.

It will appear on the Iped in the show case.

The Iped itself is an item, an archive. It will be perhaps named Columbarium.

Hope you join me from wherever you are.

25/7/13 – Time in Israel: 20;00- 01;00 .

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  1. Hi Nona
    what a special experience last night. I wasnt online to see how you used my bracelet of amulets, a chamsa etc. do you think you could direct me to your creation?
    what a clever concept…you inspire!
    thanks jill levenfeld

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