The secrets of Kyoto 6/7 – water

    “A plane surface is a surface which lies evenly with the straight lines on itself.” Euclid, Definition 7 – Euclid’s Elements Books I took this picture of Euclid’s order in the ponds’ plane surface. I found a branch and a cloud. The secrets of kyoto 2, 3, 4 , 5, 7    

The secrets of kyoto 4/7 – Crow

Every day for hours I strolled around Zen gardens and shrines. It was moist and hot and typhoon rains hit from time to time. In spite of the weather, people looked more sheltered than ever this summer of 2011; They were wrapped with long gloves, hats, scarves, jackets; huge sun glasses even in gray rainy […]

The secrets of Kyoto 3/7 – Nest

Kyoto nests in a grid of streets encompassed by green mountain slopes. In spite of the ancient grid , I got lost every day. It was hard to know if I am heading south or east – the horizon felt the same as at the middle of the sea; 360* of a round horizon of mountains […]