Be my guest: Kyoko Ibe

Kyoko Ibe is a master of paper. She exhibited all over the world. It is the first time she visits Israel and will have an exhibition at Inga Gallery. These pictures were taken at her studio In the mountains of Kyoto, 2011. She generously demonstrated her technique to a group led by Tirza Paitan, her assistant […]

A room with a view

  Oomoto community and Miho Museum , Japan, Cherry blossom, April 2012          


I climbed the small path to Raigoin Temple at Ohara mountains Kyoto. It was drizzling. As I walked through a small wooden gate towards the booth to pay, the priest slided the wooden window, picked a flute and played. When I was leaving his flute followed my footsteps. You can hear it here with the rain and birds, if the volume is fully open: […]

Shrine stamp book – site specific art

My eyes were attracted to the stairs leading into the hills above Yoshida Shrine. I took my shrine stamp book and put it on a stair. The wind blew and  leafed  the pages: And another path ,  My heart is in the East

Ancient Alexandria Library – my story, part 3

I was choosing an organic parsley bunch in the supermarket, as my cellular rang: “Nona-san, this is Prof. Henao-san from Japan! Are you still interested to help me sell my Alexandrian library? Are you still willing to try to contact universities and scientific institutions?   We started exchanging e-mails. He said he does not trust […]

The secrets of Kyoto 5/7 – Euclid Diagram

I lost my center point in the heat, humidity and noise of cicadas. Sitting on a stone, I was gazing at the shades in the Zen garden. I was thinking about geometry trying to reach again for frames of familiar order. I recalled Euclid’s diagrams. Hence, I imposed Euclid with my camera on a Japanese […]

Ancient Alexandria Library-my story, part 2

A note from Haruki Murakami It was my last week in Kyoto, August 2011. Sensei recommended me to visit Murin–an’s garden, she told me her older son who is an architect, was in charge of some renovations in the building. I took it as a personal gift. After strolling for a few hours, I decided […]

The Secrets of Kyoto 1/7 – Beauty

Shadow on the trail where am I going to? “In Japan, however, beauty is something that has to be worked for, earned; it is a reward for a long and sometimes painful search, it is the final attainment of insight, a jealously guarded possession; there is a great deal of vulgarity about beauty that is […]