I research artistically and playfully mounds and archaeological sites. Lately, I even have become a Mound Hacker.

I have been thinking of the fact that the “library” I am diligently creating- is also doomed to be gone, vanished one day- as we all are, as Pompeii.

The Internet is a precise metaphor for this notion. If something is wrong- you cannot reach my Blog as artwork. Hence, all I work for and all my ideas- images- videos, love – will be vanished with the sands of change of technology, or sands of time.

Am I sad about it?


How is that?

It is a fact of life I accept.

But, it does makes me even more grateful for the present time and helps I get from people to be able to create my vision.

I am probably thinking these thought today because my brand-new archive web-site is freshly on displayed on the Internet.

The address is the same; it is up to date- the content is much wider. I am quite surprised at all the work I have done all those years. You are invited to enjoy it NOW.

This image was so mysterious and wonderful in the tourist book. It forced us to take a journey, especially to Paestum Archaeological Museum to see it.

We discovered it was a part of a young boys’ tomb, diving into the next world- death.

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