Mound Hackers in Kyoto – Dalia and Arie Falk

Dalia, my new friend, lives in Nagoya for a few months by now.

We met through mail introduction by a mutual friend who knew we share deep love to Japanese culture.

We exchanged mails, pictures, suggestions.

Last week, she came for a holiday visit, and we were having a long conversation in my studio.

Before she left she chose a few ceramic shards to spread in Japan.

She and Arie traveled last weekend with two shards, and this is what happened.

All photographs are theirs- the enjoyment is mine and yours as well.

My friends traveled to Chikubushima Island

They passed a rice field.

A key to Alexandria library is patiently waiting  for the farmer.

They visited Hougon Temple

A rested a shard among stones.

A women came close and folded her scroll that was just stamped, very close to the stones.

She notices a shard!

She is kindly willing to be photographed.

Her spouse joins her.
These pleasant people who came to this sacred temple, did not speak any English. However, the next morning I see that there were twice as many visitors from Japan to Blog at artwork!


More about Mound Hacker project: Mound hacker – the concept of this going art project, Mound hacker- Tel Yokneam, Mound hacker‏-Castel dell Ovo, Naples, ItalyMound hacker – Herculaneum

Mound Hacker and friends around the world- The map

7 Responses

  1. נונה יקרה, זכינו בחוויה מרתקת! בהצלחה בהמשך, דליה ואריה.

  2. Dearest Nona, Dalia & Arie,
    And the beat goes on… Japan style!
    Such an interesting connection between cultures friends, and generations…
    Arigato to you all,

  3. Dear Nona, dear Arie and Dalia,
    hope you’ll have many more interesting meetings starting with ancient pieces of life. love.

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