Mound Hacker-Pompeii, Italy – The story of the guard

My current site-specific art project is intervening in the time lines of actual Tells [mounds] and archaeological sites around the Mediterranean. I am visiting Pompeii.

I ask the guard when were these engravings carved.

He smiles: “They are Roman graffiti! You have good eyes!”

He then remarks there are more engravings at the women’s bath house.

I talk to him about Alexandria Library, and he is enthusiastic. So, I give him a ceramic key to the library.

He is amused and is willing to be photographed with it.

As we go away, he is rushing to the sunny crossroad where two of his friends are sitting and smoking.

In melodic Italian, he seems to tell them the story. They joke and gather around to examine the object.

I hope his son will help him with the computer, so he can see I made my promise to write about him, as both of us are deeply sorry that the Library is gone.

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5 Responses

  1. נונה יקרה
    צילומייך הם במו עבודות נייר- מדהים.
    באשר לציור הקיר עם הקופץ למיים
    הסבר פילוסןפי מעניין
    ואולי סתם אטלט קופץ לברכה?
    מי יודע
    חנה אלטרץ

  2. נונה יקרה
    הרעיון מדליק.
    האם לא צריך להעביר את כל ה”ענטיקות” שלך טפול מיישן?
    החרסים , הבטריות, החפצים האחרים?
    שברי החרסים שלך נקיים וברורים מדי
    אוהבת חנה.

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