Mound Hacker at Pompeii- Apollo

My current site-specific art project is intervening in the time lines of actual Tells [mounds] and archaeological sites around the Mediterranean. I am visiting Pompeii.

On our way out of Pompeii, I already feel self-assured to separate from Galeliaan shards in my bag. I feel more confident that I am creating something relevant to art;  I am linking past spirits with our times, perhaps even the future – through the Internet as canvas.

I lay my final key to Alexandria Library in Pompeii at a beautifully lit afternoon.

I present it to Apollo.

More about Mound hacker:

Mound hacker – the concept of this going art project,

Mound hacker- Tel Yokneam,

Mound hacker‏-Castel dell Ovo, Naples, Italy

Mound hacker – Herculaneum

Mound hacker- Villa of the Papyri, Herculaneum, Italy

Mound Hacker around the world –  the map


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