Mound Hacker at Philosopher’s Walk, Kyoto 2013

What is the connection between ancient Alexandria’s library and Kyoto?

In 2011, just after to Tsunami, at Kyoto, I saw a note on a board: The library of Alexandria for sale.henao-san a paregraph 2014

You can read more  herehow I almost met Henao-san and his health collection library. He told me his library collection had been categorized in the same system Ptolemy I Soter did in ancient Alexandria Library. 


Mound Hackers' ostracon at philosophers' path.

On my latest visit to Kyoto, autumn 2013, I was carrying a Mound Hacker Ostracon with me leaving it on a bench at the Philosophers Walk.

Mound Hacker at philosophers' path. An ostracon left on the bench 2013

Mound Hachers' ostracon at Philosophers' path 2013

A sense of completion filled me while finding a suitable location to display a Meadetrannean ceramic shard publicly. I was linking the ancient thinkers, with Japnese philosopher who meditated upon flowers, clouds and frogs while strolling along the canal. I was especially thinking of Nishida Kitaro, who is known to stroll these paths thinking how to bridge Western and Eastern philosophies.

Mound Hacker at Philosophers' path 2013

Philosopher’s Walk on wikipedia

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