Moon viewing 2015 – 月見


It is a Japanese tradition to sit on a balcony and observe the moon reflected in a pool.

I have the privilege to be a guest at an event at  Jikkoin Temple 実光院 at Ohara, Kyoto this coming October 2015.  All performances will be dedicated to one motif – The Moon. 

I have been sitting in my studio’s balcony in dark nights watching the sky.  I was wondering how I could relate from the Mediterranean point of view to the Moon and bring it with me to Kyoto. I began photographing Her in a round mirror.

2015-04-30 18.06.00

2015-05-14 17.59.02

2015-04-30 18.06.57

2015-05-15 06.54.21

The moon-mirror left all night to collect dust and rain drops – now meeting the sun as it rises from the East, from Kyoto direction.


Comming event:  25.10.15 at Iori Kolar blog

More here:  Prayers , Artist book – My heart is in the East





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